Amongst many other things, the luxury homes we build in Spain stand out for their energy efficiency. However, to what extent is the energy rating of a home truly important? In this post, we will have a look at the importance of energy rating.

All homes either for sale or rent in Spain require an energy qualification certificate. This is rated on a scale that ranges between A and G, G being the worst, and is the one that identifies the least efficient properties from an energetic point of view.

If a house obtains the letter G the best thing would be to undertake some type of reform or improvement to solve the situation. It is essential to know this information taking into account that the houses with energy certification G are the ones that spend more on energy, requiring more heating, hot water, and air conditioning.

As for the improvements to be implemented in a house that is not energy efficient, it’s possible to change the windows and install ones that provide good thermal insulation, such as those with a double layer of glass. Another option for improving a property’s rating is to change the installation of hot water since there are houses with very old boilers and consequently little efficiency. A great idea, present in many of our luxury Spanish villas, are condensing boilers, much more efficient than other existing options on the market. Improvements can also be implemented in the building’s outer layer, installing, for example, thermal insulation on the facades or roofs. One of the most efficient is the SATE system.

Anyway, we insist that the houses that you will find in our catalog respond to the highest standards in energy efficiency. In fact, we are firmly committed to low emission glass, the SATE system, and photovoltaic energy.

Two of our new-build projects currently under construction, Villa Bellisama and Villa Oceana, offer an energy efficiency rating of A.

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