1st Place Best Residential Home – Villas de Lujo


1st Place Best Residential Home – Villas de Lujo

On the 9th June 2017 at the 2017 Cemex awards ceremony in Mexico City Villas De Lujo’s project, Concretus House (shown in the featured video above), received first place for Best Residential Home in the very competitive International category. Entries were received from builders in countries across the globe including Germany, UAE, Spain, USA, Costa Rica, France, Latvia, Panama, Poland, and the Czech Republic.
Projects were assessed on their ability to 1) showcase concrete creatively and innovatively, 2) demonstrate a discerning lifestyle, 3) harmonize with the natural surroundings and 4) hero concrete alongside other construction materials.



Overall concept and brief of the Villa:

Due to the remarkable ocean-front location of the plot, one of our key objectives for this luxury villa was to provide exhilarating views from almost the entirety of the house. At the same time, we wanted a true ocean-side retreat that highlighted privacy and a privileged lifestyle.

Prevailing seasonal wind directions, sun movement throughout the year, ventilation, heat absorption, and solar protection were all considered to achieve optimal living conditions combined with minimal energy usage.

We knew that entertainment and enjoyment would play a big role in the home and therefore made an important and distinct separation between the living and sleeping areas. (It should be noted that for potential future re-sale it was crucial that the villa would also be appealing and functional for a variety of family types and ages.)

Interior Design:

Regarding the interior design, light play, textures that married well with concrete, minimal but contrasting colours, and unimpeded views were the main considerations. To this effect, we included only essential furnishings and decor whose textures and colours harmonised with the structure and whose arrangement paid tribute to the views. In addition, we used strategic applications of wood to contrast and balance certain focal areas of naked concrete, that felt almost abstract and art-like in an aesthetic sense.



To integrate and harmonize with its natural environment, the exterior landscaping highlighted native vegetation throughout the original terraced plot.


The effect:

A comfortable and enviable private habitat which boasts large light and bright open areas that effortlessly fuse indoor and outdoor living. Spaces exude charm and relaxation and can be used for a multitude of lifestyle requirements.

With more than 250 luxury villas built in Spain and 30 years experience building to the most demanding standards, we are in a unique position to offer truly professional villa design and construction.
Because we are continuously improving and advancing, and our hunger for the next first place award only grows, we build All our homes to impeccable standards.

For more information about our turnkey services and how you and your family can enjoy your own luxury villa in Spain you are welcome to contact me, Antonio González Barber at: +34 677 416 101, via e-mail at info@villasdelujo.com or filling the form below.

Concretus Villa featured in SalaBaño magazine: 

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