Top Restaurants In Javea – Online Reviews & Our Opinions

Top Restaurants In Javea – Online Reviews & Our Opinions

Often referred to as the “Jewel of Costa Blanca”, Jávea is popular for its abundant natural reserves, Blue Flag beaches, fun-filled lifestyle, and delicious cuisine. In this post, we review our top restaurant choices for Jávea, each grouped according to their area of expertise, and also two cafés that deserve an honourable mention.

A. Caffe Milano coffee shop, located a few streets back from the Arenal, is a fun vibrant café with the best coffee in Javea, bar none. Homemade roasted coffee and mouthwatering treats are offered by the friendly Italian and English owners.
B. Café Wien & Pastelería Austriaco, located right on the Arenal, offer the most ridiculously tasty desserts, treats, and savoury sandwiches. Full throughout winter and summer you don’t need to research online reviews to discover how the locals feel about their favourite pastry place.



  • Restaurante Volta i Volta

Set in a building full of character and history this charming restaurant in Jávea’s historic town centre serves dishes based on the idea of ‘New Tradition’, by using traditional Mediterranean recipes and giving them a unique and contemporary touch. Dishes are prepared with fresh meat and vegetables, and 100% homemade syrups, marinades, and sauces.

Restaurante Volta i Volta has garnered a lot of critically-positive reviews; satisfied customers often write online about how the food was not only delicious, but original and well-prepared, and that the staff is pleasant and helpful, especially in describing dishes on the menu.
Highly recommended.

  • Sofia’s Restaurant

Serving up a fusion of Mediterranean and international cuisine, Sofia’s Restaurant provides a fine dining experience with a varied menu of dishes, local wines, and cocktails. The menu changes occasionally, offering varied dishes made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Sofia’s Restaurant currently has a vegan menu and a large selection of wines.

Sofia’s Restaurant received high praise from their customers—many of which complemented the restaurant for the excellent food, cosy atmosphere, and friendliness of the staff and owners who personally run the place. They also commended the restaurant for its thoughtful selection of wines and spirits.

  • Restaurante Attico in Hotel Jávea

Situated in the “attic” of the Hotel Jávea, Restaurante Attico offers panoramic views of Jávea Port and Arenal Bay through large glass windows bordering most of the restaurant. The menu consists of a wide array of Mediterranean dishes, as well as carefully-crafted continental breakfasts.

The Restaurante Attico is popular for its good value, the food quality and taste. Besides, customers often praise the choice of food, generous servings, politeness of the staff, and, of course, the spectacular views.



  • Restaurante Posit

A seafood restaurant on the beachfront, Restaurante Posit has become a staple place in Jávea for seafood lovers or those who simply want to enjoy a delicious meal on the coast. The restaurant features outdoor seating and a varied selection of seafood dishes, as well as desserts.

Many customers who dine at Restaurante Posit complement the restaurant’s seafood dishes, the comfortable seating (often missing in Spanish restaurants) and the refreshing ambience by the sea.

  • Marítimo Café & Bistró

With chic and rustic interiors, and a bar serving up various wines, spirits, and cocktails, Marítimo Café & Bistró offers a delectable dining experience by the sea. The menu consists of Mediterranean cuisine, and a variety of seafood dishes, tapas (small Spanish savoury dishes, usually served with drinks), and desserts. You may enjoy a hearty fish meal, or simply a cup of coffee and some tapas while enjoying the soothing sound of the Mediterranean.

Marítimo Café & Bistró is described by nearly all of its customers as “a place with delicious food and an amazing view”. Reviews often mention the tasty tapas, delicious seafood dishes made with fresh ingredients, and refreshing drinks.

  • Restaurante Azorín

Featuring simple yet elegant homely interiors, Restaurante Azorín offers a mixed menu of traditional Spanish cuisine and seafood dishes made with the fresh catch from the waters of Jávea. The restaurant also serves up paella, a staple Spanish dish of rice, vegetables, spices, and mixed meat or seafood.

Restaurante Azorín has received plenty of highly-positive reviews online, with many of them highlighting the restaurant’s delicious paella, chicken soup, and fish dishes. Customers who left reviews online approve of the value as well as the cosy environment of the restaurant.



  • La Casa Della Pasta

What was once just a small Italian restaurant close to the port of Jávea, is now a widespread favourite among locals and tourists alike. Owned and managed by an Italian-Dutch couple, and operating for 20 years now, La Casa Della Pasta offers freshly-cooked and well-prepared pasta, risotto, tiramisu, and other Italian dishes.

The restaurant offers a lively ambience, plenty of indoor and outdoor seating options, and tasty affordable dishes.

  • Cafe D’Art Pizzeria

With stylish interiors featuring an Italian brick oven, Cafe D’Art Pizzeria offers freshly-prepared, handmade pizzas. The restaurant boasts a variety of Italian dishes, desserts, and cocktails—with healthy options available—cooked with fresh ingredients, and prepared as ordered.

Cafe D’Art Pizzeria is favourably reviewed by customers for the quality of their pizzas, with some even saying that it is the best restaurant for authentic Italian pizza in Javea.

  • Restaurante Giulia

A lively restaurant in Jávea’s historic centre, Restaurante Giulia offers a wide variety of Italian cuisine, all homemade and staying true to traditional Italian recipes. The restaurant has been operating for over 25 years, combining modern service and interior design with traditional and authentic Italian cuisine.

Multiple online reviews praise the exceptional food quality and service they received from Restaurante Giulia. They go on to describe how the dishes and beverages served are delicious and of great quality, and that the place is beautifully furnished. The staff are friendly, helpful and there is often a great atmosphere in both the inside and outside areas.



  • Curry Palace

On the Javea waterfront (in the port area), Curry Palace serves authentic Indian and Nepalese cuisine. The restaurant features outdoor street seating, offering lovely views of Jávea’s port and across the coastline to Arenal Beach.

Curry Palace has gained a lot of positive reviews from both local and foreign visitors. Nearly all of them commended the restaurant’s wide array of delicious Indian and Nepalese food that is carefully prepared with high-quality ingredients and spices. Customers also loved the attentive friendly service and the views provided by the restaurant.

  • Buddha Palace

Buddha Palace in Jávea boasts authentic exotic interiors with designs prevalent to that of India and Nepal. They offer a varied menu of traditional Indian and Nepalese food served with authentic plating and reminiscent to that of a home-cooked meal. The restaurant also offers takeaway service and free delivery for orders.

Customers who visited Buddha Palace wrote highly-positive reviews about the taste and quality of the food, as well the reasonable prices. Some even allude to the Buddha Palace as being the “best Indian restaurant” in Jávea.



  • Restaurante Bien Venido

A simple spacious Chinese restaurant, Bien Venido is ideal for yet elegant and families or large groups. The menu consists of over 80 dishes, each cooked original Chinese-style, and prepared in large portions. There are an ala carte menu and a buffet, featuring the restaurant’s signature dishes.

Restaurante Bien Venido has attracted many positive online reviews, with many recommending the buffet for its variety and economy.

  • Restaurante Chino Montaña de Oro

A family-run restaurant situated on Jávea’s popular Arenal Beach, Restaurante Chino Montaña de Oro offers meal platter sets and ala carte options—the latter consisting of large portions of traditional-style Chinese food. The restaurant’s interiors are spacious, with many tables suited for large groups. There is also an outdoor seating area for those who want to dine while enjoying views of the beach.

  • Restaurante Chino Jardin

Serving up dim sum and other Chinese cuisine dishes, Restaurante Chino Jardin gives a personal touch to traditional Chinese recipes. Customers who gave their reviews about Restaurante Chino Jardin were mostly satisfied with the tasty inexpensive food, as well as the pleasant service provided by the staff and personal service by the owners.



  • Restaurante La Cocina

Featuring a large menu consisting of dishes from local Spanish and international cuisines, La Cocina has become a favourite among many people living or visiting Jávea. The spacious restaurant boasts of elegant and colourful contemporary interiors, with a lovely outdoor seating area where customers can enjoy views of the town’s natural splendour. La Cocina is also well-known for being a venue for parties, events, or meetings.

Customers were very happy with the food, ambience, and service provided by La Cocina. Stellar reviews praise the lovely design, lively atmosphere, and delicious food.

  • Essência Tapas & Drinks

Hip and artsy, but with a touch of the traditional Spanish style in its interior design and food presentation, Essência Tapas & Drinks offers a wide variety of Spanish dishes, tapas, decadent desserts, and of course, local wines and spirits. Situated in Javea Old Town (historical centre) the restaurant is set in an old-fashioned Spanish-style building, with an outdoor seating area offering lovely views of traditional terraces decorated with flowers.

Essência Tapas & Drinks is highly recommended by many customers, who commented on the restaurant’s excellent selection of tapas and unique desserts. Many visitors admired its old town charm and the peaceful ambience that the restaurant provides.



  • Restaurante Steak House El Gaucho

El Gaucho Steak House in Jávea features a Western design and atmosphere, with a spacious outdoor seating area offering views of the Montgo Mountain. The menu offers different cuts of beef and other meats served in large platters with side dishes.

El Gaucho Steak House is one of the most reviewed restaurants in Javea online and averages between 4 and 5-star ratings. The restaurant is praised for its tender and delicious steaks and ribs (which many say is even the best they have ever tasted), as well as the attentiveness of the staff.



  • V-THOS Vegan Jávea

A popular vegan restaurant in Jávea, and situated in the Arenal, V-Thos provides a varied menu of whole foods and delicious, Mediterranean dishes made only with fresh, plant-based ingredients. You can choose from a wide array of breakfast and lunch dishes, salads, sandwiches, tapas, and even cakes and sweet desserts—all vegan and gluten-free.

V-THOS attracts many highly-positive reviews online. Customers praise the healthy, tasty food and helpful friendly owners.
Previously only open in the mornings and early afternoons V-THOS is now also open Friday evenings.



  • Restaurante Club de Tenis Jávea

The Jávea Tennis Club Restaurant on the Arenal operating for over 40 years, and the home club of tennis star David Ferrer, is dedicated to serving up Mediterranean cuisine food, made only with fresh meat, fish, and vegetables. The restaurant has a spacious outdoor terrace for alfresco dining and large rooms ideal for group meals and family events.

Known amongst locals as the ‘best Paella restaurant’ in Javea many online reviews commend the lovely location, excellent food, and polite and helpful staff.

TIP 1: Enquire about the restaurant’s flamenco nights, which are fun to experience especially if you have guests down for summer.

TIP 2: The vegetarian paella is one of the most delicious meals on the menu and perfect for vegans and vegetarians alike.

  • Estapati Jávea

Estapati in Jávea provides a unique approach to tapas, preparing each tapa in the restaurant’s bar area for the customers to see. A variety of delectable tapas is served in bowls, glass, on small servers and even in a tin can.

Many customers who reviewed Estapati online were impressed the food and service. Most appreciated are the unique ways the tapas are prepared and served, the delicious taste of the homemade salsas, and the friendliness of the staff that contributes to the overall experience.

  • Chabada

Situated on the Promenade of Arenal Beachfront (known as the David Ferrer Promenade), Chabada is a restaurant and cocktail bar established in 1985. It features spacious comfortable dining areas, one which turns to a dazzling display of nightlife in the evenings. Tapas and local and international cuisine are served, and the huge modern bar boasts a variety of spirits, wine, and cocktails. They also feature live music most nights.

Chabada is a favourite with residents, it’s an upbeat place with efficient service a lively atmosphere, and the sights and sounds of the promenade add to the already entertaining location. Highly recommended for a fun afternoon or evening with a group of friends.

  • Carnaval

Cosy and modern, with spectacular views of the sea and bay, Carnaval provides a refreshing dining experience alongside Jávea’s beautiful Arenal Beach. Their menu offers Mediterranean cuisine, including vegan options, and international food, featuring Japanese, Chinese, and American cuisine.

Carnaval is often described by customers as a beautiful place with fantastic food and great service. Reviews also talk about the restaurant’s many healthy options and the tasty breakfast dishes.

  • Kathmandu Restaurant

An Indian and Nepalese restaurant close to the Arenal Beach, Kathmandu Restaurant provides an authentic dining experience by serving only home-cooked and freshly-prepared Indian and Nepalese dishes following traditional recipes. The restaurant features a large interior with exquisite furnishings and an alfresco dining area with panoramic views of the sea.

Kathmandu Restaurant attracts many positive reviews and their loyal customer base return for the consistently delicious food and friendly ambience. It is a good option for a family or a large group of friends.


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