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Top Restaurants In Javea – Online Reviews & Our Opinions

Often referred to as the “Jewel of Costa Blanca”, Jávea is popular for its abundant natural reserves, Blue Flag beaches, fun-filled lifestyle, and delicious cuisine. In this post, we review our top restaurant choices for Jávea, each grouped according to their area of expertise, and also two cafés that deserve an honorable mention. A. Caffe […]

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Everything You Need to Know about the Spanish Golden Visa

In 2013, the Spanish government passed a law aiming to stimulate foreign investment in the country by offering residence benefits after certain legal and financial requirements are met. This law mandates a program, called the Spanish Residency Permit Program—or simply the “Golden Visa Program”—to give foreign property investors in Spain a convenient way to obtain [...]
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Luxury Furniture and Décor Retailers in and near Jávea

These are what we consider the top luxury furniture and décor shops in and around Jávea that will help you to decorate and furnish your lovely home:   TARRAULA – Jávea This furniture and décor store based in Jávea features a wide variety of interior and exterior furniture, light fixtures, décor, curtains and carpets, and [...]
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Top 10 Unique Things to Do in Javea

Situated along a wide bay on the Southeast coast of Spain, Javea is a relatively hidden Mediterranean jewel that provides its residents with an abundance of natural scenery, history, and rich culture. It offers a serene and less crowded atmosphere, and the fauna is also remarkably greener and abundant, which can be attributed to its’ [...]
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Top Luxury Yacht Charters and Cruises in Jávea and Dénia

Costa Blanca’s pristine waters and spectacular views make it an ideal place for sea excursions. There are a number of companies offering luxury yacht and boat cruise services, and below you can discover our list of the top luxury yacht charter companies in Costa Blanca—specifically within the towns or areas of Jávea and Dénia:   [...]
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