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Welcome to Villas De Lujo

Construction Company of Luxury Villas in Javea & the Costa Blanca

We are a family run construction company/developers with more than 30 years’ experience in the luxury residential sector of Javea,  Altea,  Moraira and all the Costa Blanca.   We build top quality bespoke properties,  develop new projects and carry our luxury reforms.   Our guarantee to provide the highest quality and the attention we give our clients makes us different.   We offer our client high quality and exclusivity in all our villas, both in new builds and reforms.

We treat every project as unique.

In our new builds,  we strive to keep our clients’ dreams alive,  never losing focus of all their wants and needs which are the driving force behind every project.

Our process

Choosing the right location  –  tour of our homes and Showrooms

Location is vital,  we work with our client’s to find the right plot.   With our expert advice we find a plot that meets all their requirements within their given budget.   Extensive studies on the plot are carried out before sitting down to discuss building work.  We show our client’s examples of our homes and give them a tour of our showrooms so they can see and feel the materials we will work with.

Design and Create

The design process is where we have extensive meetings with our clients to find out what they desire in their new home,  what kind of life style they will lead,  when they will be using the home,  what kind of style they love.   Based around this knowledge we work with our architect to begin the first drawings.   Initial estimates are drawn up and we begin to work with the client’s on the exciting aspect of interior design and finishes.

Building process

The building process begins and throughout which we maintain communication with our client’s so they are aware of all advances in their home.   Every detail is looked after,  we make this process enjoyable and easy.

Finish and maintenance

We guarantee the finest quality in all of our homes,  once we finish our new builds we offer a complete maintenance service giving our clients security that their home is safe in our hands.

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Quality Guarantee

There are many ways to build a home.    Our luxury villas and homes are made to last.

For our company, quality is everything and therefore,  we promise to use only the best materials the market has to offer, both in what you can see as well as what you can’t see;  from the foundations to the roof’s waterproofing systems,  from the drainage system to our complete smart home technology.

Our homes are made to last,  not give our clients any problems and to simply make them happy.    We also guarantee that all members of our team are completely qualified;  both our workers and our excellent suppliers.    Our clients are passionate about having work completed to perfection,  they value authenticity and exclusivity.    We promise to give our clients a personalized service,  making them feel special.   We believe in what we do and we believe in building beautiful homes;  our properties are built with passion where dream lifestyles become a reality.

Our featured Projects

Villa Luna €2,250,000

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Villa Athenea €2,400,000

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Villa Infinitas €795,000

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Complete Maintenance

We take care of all the aspects of your property and you can be sure that it’s in the very best of hands. We offer a wide range of services: From cleaning your home, pool, garden or the best internet service possible to reserving a table at the most exclusive restaurant in Javea, Moraira or the surrounding Costa Blanca.

Our featured Services

Over the last 30 years we’ve built, furnished and decorated homes in Spain, from classic homes and rustic villas to the most modern and innovative properties. The vision and style of our clients guide us through the process right until the keys are handed over

New Build

At Villas de Lujo, we specialise in building exclusive villas, and we guide you through every process to achieve your dream home. We are proud of our reputation as high quality builders in Javea and Costa Blanca and we hope your experience with us will surpass your expectations, obtaining the very best results.

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We offer compete luxury reforms for your property in Javea and the Costa Blanca, collaborating with you to obtain the best possible results.

If you are thinking of reforming/modernising your property or wish to increase the value of your villa in Javea with the possibility of a future sale in mind, we offer the best solution possible, always adapted to your needs.

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Interior Design

Entrust your interior design project to us

Traditional painting, decorating, finishes, furniture: our team of interior designers will help bring your home alive while adapting to your personal style.

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We create gardens as luxury and beautiful as the homes we build in the Costa Blanca. In our villas the exterior is fundamental, not only for aesthetic reason, but also, a good design allows our clients to enjoy the exterior of their homes the maximum possible.

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