Landscape Architects and Garden Design in Javea

Landscape Architects and Garden Design in Javea

Architectural landscaping as luxurious, comfortable and desirable as the homes we design

The exterior of your home is an additional living space to entertain, relax and enjoy activities. It’s the space that welcomes your guests, and it’s where first impressions are cemented. In the future, it may also play a crucial part in how marketable your property is, and how large a buyer pool you can attract through marketing channels. A home’s landscaping is inextricably linked to its resale value, desirability, and overall enjoyment potential.

Exceptional landscape design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also low maintenance and allows a client to enjoy the exterior of their homes to the maximum. At Villas de Lujo we have been creating inspirational gardens since the 1980s with plants and trees specifically from the area.

As with our bespoke villa design, we strive to transform our client’s desires and inspirations into unique outdoor living spaces that are tranquil, satisfying, and desirable. We create low maintenance spaces that blend with the location and surrounding nature allowing one to enjoy our relationship with nature.

Working together with our multilingual team of landscape designers and gardeners they are able to present a client with various options based on style and functionality. They can expertly guide you in order to achieve the most desirable and satisfying results adapted to your needs.

In addition, our complete maintenance service option, which includes pool care, is available so that enjoying the exterior of your villa can be a truly hassle-free pleasure.

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