Our Services

What We Do

We build luxury villas in Javea and the Costa Blanca,  develop new constructions and carry out top quality bespoke reforms.   We take care of every aspect of maintaining your villa and you can be assured that while you’re away your home will be in good hands.   Our team of interior designers will help give life to your home’s interior while adapting designs to your style and needs.   We offer complete luxury reforms for your property,  collaborating with you to obtain the best possible results.


Complete Maintenance

We offer a complete maintenance service for our clients, making sure your home is in safe hands. From cleaning your home, pool or garden to having the very best internet service possible or making a reservation in one of the area’s most exclusive restaurants.

Every maintenance plan is designed according to your personal needs. You can contract plumbing, gardening, pool, electrics’ maintenance, cleaning services, painting services, telecommunications maintenance, full security and camera control. We make regular visits to your home and will make sure that we are present whenever work is carried out.

Our aim is for you to feel your home is in the safest and most efficient hands possible.


New Build

Building exclusive and luxury villas

At Villas de Lujo,  we are specialize in building exclusive villas,  and we guide you through every process to achieve your dream home.   We are proud of our reputation as high quality builders in Javea and Costa Blanca and we hope your experience with us will surpass your expectations, obtaining the very best results.

We are a family run business,  González Barber S.L,  with more than 30 years experience in new build.    We are proud to offer you an honest and professional service so that you can enjoy every phase of building your bespoke villa.

We will guide you through all the stages of your building:

  • The exploratory phase.   We will find the most appropriate plot in your ideal location in Javea,  Denia or surroundings of the Costa Blanca.   This stage is very important and we strive to provide the maximum amount of possibilities and guide you in their pros and cons.
  • Buying a plot.   We will guide you through the buying process,  taking care of all legalities.  You investment will be secure.
  • Designing your project. Various meetings with our architects and technical team take place to explore all possibilities.   Also, we work with interior designers and landscape designer to make your dream come true. Our house plans prove that luxury villas can be more than space and offer you the very best in comfort and amenities.
  • The building process.   During this phase,  we will keep you informed on every detail as we advance on the site:  videos,  photos and private links.   We keep our clients fully informed at all stages of the building of your home.   We will work together to choose all the villa’s finishes.   We give priority to quality materials to make your new luxury home distinguishable and comfortable.
  • We guarantee all of our work.   Plus,  if you wish you can contract our complete maintenance services,  you can be sure your home will be kept in perfect condition.   We take care of all aspects of you home and you can be assured that the experience of creating your dream home will exceed all your expectations.


Complete luxury reform for your property in Javea

We offer compete luxury reforms for your property in Javea and the Costa Blanca,  collaborating with you to obtain the best possible results.   We guarantee an unbeatable service.

If you are thinking of reforming/modernizing your property or wish to increase the value of your villa in Javea with the possibility of a future sale in mind,  we offer the best solution possible,  always adapted to your needs.   Whether you would like a renovation project with private pool,  olive trees, shade terraces or outside storage rooms,   the option to reform in the current economic climate is more desirable than ever and you can trust out company will provide you with maximum quality and professionalism.

Villa reform Phases

  • Firstly there is an assessment phase.   We study the structure of your property and the possible options.    During this phase we work with our architects and take care of all the legalities involved.
  • Additionally,  depending on your needs,  we will offer you completely reliable options and quotes for your villa.
  • Once work commences, we will maintain a direct line of communication and keep you informed of every phase of the reform project.

All decisions about the villa renovation project will take place once you have been fully informed and you will be guided by our team who has more than 30 years’ experience doing this type of work.   If you work with us,  we guarantee an unbeatable service.


Interior Design

Entrust your interior design project to us

Traditional painting,  decorating,  finishes,  furniture:  our team of interior designers will help bring your home alive while adapting to your personal style.

Design Phase

Our clients have the option to work with designers in the pre-construction phase to make decisions on:  Lighting plans,  the distribution of space and furniture,  colours,  materials and style.

Technical Design Tools:

We work with Auto-Cad,  3D,  etc.),  that will allow you to visualise the project in detail,  so that we can make alterations and create an accurate initial plan.

Post Construction Phase

We work with the best furniture and decorating brands so that all is perfect down to the very last detail.


Over the last 30 years we’ve built,  furnished and decorated homes in Spain,  from classic homes and rustic villas to the most modern and innovative properties.   The vision and style of our clients guide us through the process right until the keys are handed over.

We assure you that when you open the door there will be the ‘wow’ factor.



Villas landscape design in Javea

We create gardens as luxurious and beautiful as the homes we build in the Costa Blanca.   In our villas the exterior is fundamental,  not only for aesthetic reason,  but also,  a good design allows our clients to enjoy the exterior of their homes the maximum possible.

Our landscape designers and gardeners work to present various options and advice depending on your style and budget.    We also take into account if you desire a low maintenance garden, or a garden that needs more attention.

Our gardeners have a lot of experience with plants and trees specifically from this area,  they will guide you how to achieve the best results adapted to your needs.

The garden and pool care is fundamental,  therefore our complete maintenance service is available so that enjoying the exterior of your villa is truly a pleasure.