So you decide you would like your second home, holiday home or even primary residence in the beautiful area of Javea, you simply can’t find anything on the market that meets all your requirements and you decide to build your dream home

1. Your new build in Javea will meet all your requirements. Many homes that you may view just won’t meet ALL of your requirements, however, a home built to spec will of course have all your wishes included pending on your budget. This is the most obvious but actually the main reason that any client decides to build is that they have very specific requirements and know what they want. Our aim is to deliver exactly what our clients are looking for.

2. You’re able to have the builder customise the home before construction is completed, so it will be built with your personal touch and painted in your colour palette.

3. With luxury new construction or pre-construction purchases, the work is done for you. You don’t have to lift a finger, a paint brush, or a hammer.

4. Luxury new homes come with some of the design elements that today’s lifestyle demands: open, eat-in kitchens, walk-in closets, and large master baths to name a few.

5. A big financial benefit of new properties is that you won’t have to do much maintenance. With brand new appliances, plumbing, heating, and air, you should be repair free for at least a few years.

6. Utilising new construction materials, just-built homes are usually more energy efficient; that means potentially lower utility bills.

7. New homes often equipped with the best technology built right in – think alarm systems, speaker systems, Internet wiring, and cable – saving you lots of time, money, and holes in the walls.

8. You’re moving into a house in the beautiful area of Costa Blanca that should be totally complete and absolutely perfect.