The five most luxurious high society yachts

The five most luxurious high society yachts



Many of the owners of the luxury villas in Javea and Denia that we have built, taking into account the privileged area in which they are located, can’t resist purchasing their own boat. Yachts with luxury finishes to sail the waters of the Mediterranean. Because the real "king of the world" is no longer the Titanic DiCaprio, but our client. To illustrate this, here is a little more about the 5 most luxurious yachts on the social panorama, they truly are floating mansions. A number of these yachts have been seen sailing the waters of Javea and have even moored in Denia’s prestigious marina.

1. Azzam, the longest private boat in the world

Belongs to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the United Arab Emirates. It’s 180 meters long and was built in 2013 and sold for about 570 million dollars (510 million euros). Inside, it houses 48 cabins. There are some people who have their own anti-missile system and two submarines.

2. Eclipse, a yacht with an anti-paparazzi shield

Its owner is the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. It measures 168 meters long, has 18 suites for guests and a master bedroom of 500 square meters. The cost exceeded 800 million. Among its luxury finishes, armored glass, antimissile system, submarine, leopard skin chairs, crocodile leather tables and an anti paparazzi shield.

3. Venus

It belongs to Laurene Powell, widow of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, who never got to enjoy it. With a minimalist image, it is made of steel and aluminum. Its interior includes six rooms and a communication system that connects the entire ship through iMac computers.

4. Jonikal

Its owner was Mohamed Al Fayed and aboard this yacht his son Dodi and Diana of Wales lived the last days of their romance before the tragic death of both in 1997. It measures more than 60 meters long and has a crew of 16 people. Al Fayed sold it in 2014 for 14 million dollars (12 million euros). Today it is known as Sokar.

5. Baglietto

Belongs to fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. In 2004 he bought it for 50 million dollars (45 million euros). Thanks to a painting with micro-prisms, the yacht changes color according to the intensity of the sun. It is more than 40 meters in length, the interior is full of prints and Cavalli designs and can accommodate up to eight people. Visitors include Sharon Stone, Heidy Klum and the Beckhams.

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